From brand analysis to the wristwatch packaging


The Archiforma Studio is composed of highly experienced industrial designers, professionally committed to designing and building "tailor made" projects. Starting from the full knowledge of the process and the initial need for a specific product, obviously developed exclusively, they accompany the customer to the production and sale of that product.

Study of the product as concerns its market niche and features of the trademark; Study and review of the product in relation to its market positioning, brand and competitor designation;


  • Development of the forms as concerns available manufacturing technologies;
  • Production of general and detailed drawings, including the list of components and their suppliers;
  • Construction of the prototype with the use of solid 3D modeling and rendering;
  • Assistance and control on the construction of the real prototype.

The packaging, is the "dress" with which the product appears on the market, the casket where the watch is stored. Its design and material contribute to telling the values and philosophy of the product.

The Archiforma Studio provides each customer with a network of professional contacts to achieve the best result.
For the different needs of each project we can suggest the major suppliers and experts involved in the market.

  • Companies involved in producing components
  • Box factories, specialized in varied materials: wood, metals, innovative materials
  • Photographers
  • Videomakers