Welcome to Studio Archiforma

Welcome to Studio Archiforma

Studio specialized in wristwatch design. People involved in planning and boasting a tailor-made service for a successful product. We follow a strict process aimed to bind the manufacturing and the market.

The Archiforma Studio is a design workshop was founded in 1998 By Stefano Antonio Pirrone, specialized in wrist-watches design. Its main principle is based on the conviction that an industrial designer must have the capacity to lay out the project for the creation of an object that responds to criteria of functionality and requirements connected to its own nature. In other words, the development of the object, during its design phases, has to proceed in close relation to the knowledge of the most appropriate production technology.

In the Archiforma Studio such skill comes from the combination of two different schools of training and experience: one is specialized in design and layouts, the other is specialized in the production of watch cases, particularly for metals such as stainless steel and marine bronze, so difficult to manage and wrist-watches; this competence allows the integration of the formal characterization of the product with the following phases of executive planning, engineering and production, right from the beginning and not as a later step of technical feasibility with eventual changes of a stylistic abstract creation.

In Studio Archiforma we proudly work for the most international brands and for young and innovative companies. We accompany each customer, providing our experience and our contacts. We strongly allege that an excellent design and a good engineering are essential investments for a successful business strategy.

Stefano Antonio Pirrone
  • ADI
  • BEDA
  • WDO (World Design Organization)